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Tooltech is a pioneer in engineering services outsourcing having recognized the benefits of a global engineering model, long before it was hailed as the “new wave” in the India success story. From its inception in 1999, as a two-engineer start-up, Tooltech has striven to be an engineering knowledge management company, rather than an offshore provider of low-end digitizing and drafting services. The other differentiator has been its focus on Europe rather than North America.


The management of this privately held group is comprised of experienced independent professionals of varying nationality. In fact, Tooltech was among the first Indian companies in the outsourcing sector to have a multinational board of directors.


Tooltech's global delivery model has evolved over time to include an optimized mix of on-site, nearshore and offshore engineering support that best meets the need of its international clientèle. BMW, Aker Yards, Atlas Copco are just a few of Tooltech's over 25 marquee relationships.


Tooltech's services range from concept design, solid & surface 3D model generation, 2D detailing & drafting to product development and customized software solutions. Analysis services include mesh generation, static (linear & non – linear), buckling, dynamic, structural, acoustic & thermal analysis.


Tooltech's concurrent engineering solutions cuts across industry verticals: automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, oil & natural gas, marine & tool design. To each of these sectors the company brings to the table, industry specific knowledge and past experience of having dealt with leading international OEM's and their System Suppliers.

Tooltech is an ISO 9001:2000 certified & ISO 27001:2005 certified company.