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Our Mix Model


Our experience in the European industry has helped us develop a successful model that perfectly balances two vital needs of our customers – “Best Quality” and “Reduction in Operational Costs”.

Understanding the Tooltech Mix Model:


Our Mix Model consists of service delivery through a combination of resources located both in the European market and "Best Cost" delivery centres. The teams work collaboratively under well defined protocols. Our local support and presence for customers in the European market makes it possible for us to simultaneously leverage local knowledge in terms of engineering, language and applicable industry standards, while at the same time our "Best Cost" delivery centres in India and Romania creates a cost arbitrage through the use of highly skilled Indian resources.


Optimal Engineering Strategy as per the Mix Model ensures:

  • Substantial reduction in operational costs.
  • Minimization of lead time.
  • Complete client control.
  • Preservation of quality as per client's standards.