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Offshore Dedicated Centres (ODC'S)


Tooltech has demonstrated its ability to fast track the setup of dedicated offshore delivery Centres. We pioneered the ‘Mix Model’ combining the strengths of being local and internally qualifying resources in India and Romania, to offer tradition and security of our client’s knowhow merged with scale, lower costs all seamlessly delivered, in a step by step way.


We design our relationship exclusively for each client. This is to capture the priorities the Client wants. Research and Development is too intense a process, to do a one size fits all, approach. Or to treat jobs as 3D or meshing. Our Project and Knowledge Management methodologies have evolved over the past 12 years, to address nuances that differentiate Clients from Clients and different cultural and collaborative approaches.





Infrastructure Available (Pune & Bangalore)


Across both cities, we offer state of the art facilities, with the ability to ramp up to 200 engineers and more, with large conference rooms, discussion rooms, executive cabins and plug and play work spaces.


Going Beyond the Service Order


1. Making Outsourcing as Secure as In-sourcingWe follow secure quality processes

  • ISO 27001:2005 certified information security management system
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system
  • Proven project and knowledge management processes to ensure business continuity.


2. Making it Easy for our Clients: Ability to handle complex projects that requires local language and skill requirements.


3.Cost Effective Solutions: Tooltech’s unique ability to mix the resources from various cost geographies will give best cost solutions to clients. Tooltech has also enabled access to dedicated qualified talent, made quick ramp-up easy based on need, and reduced development time.


4. Infrastructure and Secure Networks ensuring quick turnaround time


5. Replication of client's design office: Ability to replicate client’s design processes and work as a seamless extension of the same.




Client Mandate: To create a Centre for Design that would create detailed designs for grand blocks as per Rauma yard standards. The project included designing, nesting and planar hull modeling.











  • Dedicated Delivery Centre Set Up in a Low Cost Centre
  • Workshop drawings, 3D drawing, Nesting sketches, Burn Files, Path time file for sketches, Part list. Weight list, Profile sketches, GEN-files, Tribon databanks.











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