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With years of multi-disciplinary experience across verticals, cultures and geographies, our clients want their standards and way of working incorporated at low cost locations. Consequently there is a need for someone to provide the knowhow, methodologies and management practices. Tooltech delivers these needs of 'Virtual Captive', 'Offshore/Overseas Development Centres of Excellence', in specialised verticals for our clients. This is a separate practice, from the specialised engineering applications expertise, that you see on the site.


In the current economic climate, many industries are facing challenges emanating from a larger macro economic situation that forces them to question old ways of doing things and do things in new ways, without losing their core DNA, what makes them tick. To prepare business for the economic upturn, companies must be willing to question their quality of work, practices and be able to cut costs and Tooltech can do this for you, in addition to the Logistics and Management. Supply Chain Management, Aero Interiors, Ship Design, Civil Engineering are examples of such work and Centers/projects, built successfully in areas relying on our management competence though we may not have had prior domain experience.


Tooltech thus:


  • Works with diverse businesses to help prepare them for their future success, as part of their own.
  • Use its expertise in being local across locations and consequent knowledge of  Global, European ways of doing things to get more for your organization's entry into India.
We would like to hear from you on your Project Engineering needs or should you wish to build such a Center.























    Birth of a Bilateral Collaboration




    We represent VTT in India for multi technological  projects involving applied research.




    VTT is the biggest multitechnological applied research organisation in Northern Europe.It has polytechnic R&D covering different fields of technology from electronics to building technology. It provides provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. 



    Tooltech has proven project management experience in collaborative engineering . It  also has European trained engineering competence at Indian cost.



    This collaboration is mutually beneficial and enabled both to find ways to proceed faster than in a typical collaboration scheme. Synergies are obtained by combining individual functions into a value chain which we call "string of pearls"