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Quality & Data Security



Quality, in all we do is our top priority. It begins with understanding our customer's scope and needs– and then delivering them repeatedly and reliably.


Tooltech is certified by “Bureau Veritas”


QMS – ISO 9001:2008. Valid Till 17th March 2018


Tooltech undergoes periodic audits by internal auditors and by the certifying agency Bureau Veritas.


Our Quality Policy


"We continuously build on our know-how to be a seamless extension of our client’s engineering.


We do this by using our pioneering ‘Mixed Model’ of combining complementary strengths.


Our work environment facilitates initiative, teamwork and excellence. There is personal ownership in all we do. We innovate solutions that deliver ‘more for less’.


Each pearl in our logo of many coloured pearls represents an individual talent, a team, a geography, a domain. Together it is, multidisciplinary, multicultural and multinational.
This creates, the ‘star value’, as seen in the centre of our logo constellation. We achieve this. Daily.


Tooltech’s Mission and Quality Statement is led by Ravi Sonalkar, as Managing Director and lived by all in the firm."





Tooltech understands and values its customers’ need for confidentiality. Keeping this in mind, we have created a secure and safe work environment to handle confidential data and dissemination of selective information.


Tooltech is certified by Bureau Veritas


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 valid till 15thDecember 2019


Our Security Policy


"We at Tooltech Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are committed to identify, protect, control & manage the informational assets to ensure business continuity and the trust of our customers.


This shall be done with the help of the controls that reduce risk and system vulnerability. By clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the users and owners, we fulfill the legal, contractual and regulatory requirements.


We have established a systematic approach to identify, assess, evaluate and treat information security risks involved in our business, through defined criteria. These are externally Audited as per International Standards."


The major intention behind implementing ISMS is to “Minimize Risk” as it ensures controls are in place to reduce the risk of security threats and to avoid system weaknesses being exploited.

There are 133 controls with 39 control objectives from the following 11 domains. Control sections are in place and are regularly checked by internal and external auditors.







Data Storage & Protection:

The following servers are in place to take care of the Disaster and help in case of Recovery.


IT infrastructure

  •  Domain Controllers: HP make, ML150 2GB Intel® Xeon ™ 3.00 GHz

  •  File Storage: 2 TB, Direct Attached Storage

  •  Data servers: Dell Make, Power edge 2950 4 GB Intel® Xenon™ 3.00 GHz


Data Safety

  • Backup: Automated and prescheduled data backup system, Shadow Copy

  • Symantec Backup Exec 11d

  • Antivirus Server

  • Centralized repository of Antivirus Definition

  • Usage of portable devices such as Floppies, CD/DVDs, and USB Storage is restricted.

  • Strong Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution to take care of External Intrusions/SPAM and Virus attacks.

  • Offsite data storage to comply with “Disaster Recovery”.


Access Control & Data Security

  • Local Area Network is built on Domain Structure.

  • Strong Access Control policies are in place.

  • Access to Information is Login specific and protected with strong password policy.

  • Access is given NEED to KNOW basis, after approval from authorities.

  • Secure methods used for data exchange E.g. FTP, OFTP, etc.

  • VPN tunnels are created with some clients for direct access to client’s PDM/PLM software as well as data server. (VPNs are Client Specific and established as per “Security Systems” being practiced by Client)


Non IT controls and awareness

  • All Tooltech Employees are bound by “NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT”.

  • Ongoing trainings are provided to every employee, about Safe Data Handling and how to use security controls effectively.

  • Stringent “IT and NON-IT Controls” in place secure the work perimeter, regulate physical entry and eliminate intrusion.

  • Every visitor to the premises is registered and monitored.  Only the essential visitors are taken to Design areas and are always accompanied by employee.

  • All major and key Suppliers and Service providers are bound by “Service Contracts” and “Service Level Agreement”.

  • Initiatives have been taken to minimize the business interruptions by Natural Calamities like Fire, Flood, and Earthquakes etc. in addition to manmade stoppages like power cut, strikes, civil unrest as well.

  • The actions needed in such events and provisions established along with roles, responsibilities and authorities are well documented.


BCP & Incident management as per Certification requirements

  • Mock drills for fire/ disaster recovery etc are made at regular intervals and the “Business Continuity Plan” is continually intensified.

  •  Reporting and Investigating Incidents.

  • Information Security Management System (ISMS – ISO 27001) is periodically audited by trained internal auditors and certifying agency Bureau Veritas and is valid up to December 2013.






Engineering is Tooltech's core competence. It is what we do best. It is what we are passionate about. Whether it is crash analysis of a car or manufacturability of a component, our team is devoted to achieving engineering excellence.

At Tooltech we attribute our success, in the way of our clients trust and confidence in us. This trust is built, not only on quality and reliability, but on integrity and ethical business practices.


  • Passion for Engineering

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Commitment to Delivery

  • Meeting customer needs

  • Security and confidentiality 


 We aim :   


  • For technological excellence

  • To be a trusted long-term partner

  • New ways company, thought leader

  • Help develop eco-friendly, sustainable products

  • Help reduce costs and time

  • Profitability and stability inventing new ways and being a thought leader.

  • To be a total solutions provider, one stop complete solutions provider and preferred partner.























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