ADAS – 24/7 * All/Any weather Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Tooltech has collaborated with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for providing Full Technology Solutions of CAD (Connected and Automated Driving) including situational awareness & perception technologies.

Tooltech’s expertise in ADAS:
  • Vehicle System Integration Design
  • Autonomous Vehicle design and control
  • Vehicle Architecture and wiring design & harnesses
  • Mechatronics design and development
  • ADAS sensors software flashing, EOL calibration and testing
  • Embedded System design & development
  • Embedded System Validation
ADAS has many modules. No one firm can complete it all. We can take over and fulfil the development of some modules, for example, driving in snow and extreme weather to complement and integrate with your program efforts.
Even where the technology is settled, it has to be coded, executed and engineered. We do this at client locations, on long development assignments, as well as deliver on packages with our Mix Model.

VTT’s R&D team, now focusing on CAD along with Tooltech’s expertise in mixed model provides below smart solutions:

  • Sensor: optical sensor systems, implementation of laser scanners and radars
  • Sensor data fusion: fusion of sensor data (radars, cameras, LiDARs) and situation awareness
  • Positioning technologies: GPS, BeiDou, Glonass, odometry and Wifi-based positioning
  • V2X: communication channels: ITS G5, LTE and 5G for cooperative vehicles and roadside units
  • Autonomous functions: development of algorithms and steering commands for intelligence vehicles
  • Machine intelligence: smart reasoning, trajectory planning and decision making algorithms
  • Driver monitoring: camera-based monitoring of the driver workload and intention
  • ITS data management: development of traffic data management system and analysis
  • System evaluation and verification: technical validation of vehicle systems
  • Impact assessment: evaluation of user acceptance and the safety and ecology impacts of new vehicle applications

Mixed model being practiced for ADAS using DL (Deep Learning) techniques:

Know-How Engineering design
Software Mechanical
Algorithms Electrical
Research Instrumentation & Controls
Product Development Embedded Systems
Prototype Engineering Packaging
Project Management
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