Tooltech along with its technology partner VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has been working since 2009 to develop safety systems for “extreme and all-weather vision” (like fog vision and accident prevention).


At present, locomotive drivers rely purely on visual clues and images, to gauge if there are obstructions on the track ahead and take preventive action to ensure there is no collision or mishap. This vision problem is aggravated during fog, smog, rainfall and night.

ViCAAS – Vision Enhancement and Collision Avoidance Assistance System
A tested world class device developed by our Indian-Finnish collaboration that can resolve Indian Railway’s fog
vision problem and also prevent accidents.



  • High sensitivity infra-red thermal video cameras are normally used for night vision and non-extreme fog condition, but these fail in rain.
  • Only radar can penetrate in extreme fog and heavy rains. Radar sensing works in all conditions and is used to complement the camera view. We have developed a specialised radar and operating software which computes in real time and complements the thermal camera, for an integrated image.
  • Finally, a laser scanner tells the loco-pilots the distance between the locomotive and the obstacle ahead.
  • All these sensors are ultimately integrated to detect any object on the tracks up to a distance of two km in extreme fog weather and display the information on a screen fitted inside the locomotive.
  • The final output is in the form of a high performance control and display unit positioned in the locomotive pilot’s cabin.
  • The device can also detect any obstacles, boulders, water, minor damage or crack in the tracks, thereby averting rail derailments, train collisions and accidents on unmanned railway crossings.
  • This device has been tested in extreme conditions in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


Trial runs were conducted by Indian railways in 2016-17. After the successful trials at the Railways’ Global Technology Conference, the ‘Best Technical Paper’ was awarded to ViCAAS.

Key features of our device:

  • Equipped to exceed the EBD(Emergency Braking Distance) needed by Indian railways i.e. 750m for 110Kph speed train.
  • Obstruction detection 2.2km away.
  • Storage capacity 400GB, stores 17 days video recording.
  • Distance accuracy of 5±m under radar range.
  • Day & night, all weather and all terrain operation
  • No false alarm
  • Steady and clear HD display
  • No image blooming
  • High mechanical vibration resistance
  • Video storage and transfer vide USB
  • Fit & forget i.e. no maintenance, no calibration after installation
  • Colour display vide data fusion along with Signal Post Lamp Shape
  • Accommodates the available power supply voltage, and is tolerant to voltage variations in the electric as well as diesel loco
  • User friendly operating interface

This is one example of our bespoke customised technology solution division. We are happy to review and see if we can coordinate and develop a solution for your mission critical problem.

We were asked to solve the fog issue; which we did with 100% compliance to the required specifications. Accident prevention assistance is a significant extra, which this device provides.

Tooltech presentation on the fog vision technology of M/s VTT featured in RDSO’s quarterly publication.


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